Accounting & Billing

In an effort to keep our prices low, we have established accounting policies to be applied across all software, hardware and services. Our standard payment methods are Credit Card or Check. All hardware must be paid before shipment regardless of payment method.

Purchase Orders

Check In Systems is no longer accepting purchase orders. In the alternative, we offer 30 days credit terms. See below.

Credit Terms

  • Maximum Terms 30 days
  • No interest or other charges will apply
  • May be used for software only
  • Must be in good standing from previous invoices
  • Date of the subscription plus 30 days shall prevail as the due date

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are the best option for both parties. This provides protection for both parties for payment and services.

Refund Policy

Hardware. Check In Systems will refund any or all of the purchase of hardware if the hardware is received, by the customer, damaged or inoperable. Refunds must be requested within 7 days of receiving or no refund will be available. Once the equipment is in use, no refund will be available. Return of items must be in original packaging unless damaged beyond.

Software. Software is non-refundable. Check In Systems provides a 14 day or longer trial of the software to ensure it meets the needs of the customer prior to purchase. Software may be purchased on a monthly or annual subscription. The annual subscription is discounted for the commitment of one year service. If the software is terminated, no refund will be available regardless of subscription status.